Saturday 14.01.12 – Unfiltered News Compiled by G. Edward Griffin

Florida man is charged with contempt of court and jury tampering and faces 6 months in jail for sharing information near a courthouse about the right of jury nullification (the right of a jury to decide the correctness of the law as well as whether or not someone violated that law). [There is no law that prohibits providing this information outside the courthouse, only a decree issued by the same judge who now will hear the case against the man. The judge decreed that the only place information can be shared is in a so-called free-speech zone a football field away from the courthouse.] Activist Post 2012 Jan 13

India implements a nationwide biometric ID program for its 1.2 billion residents to be used for payments in trade. It is a first step toward a cashless society. The governments claims it only wants to prevent identity theft and welfare fraud. Activist Post 2012 Jan 12

Disgusting video of US Marines urinating on Afghan corpses goes viral and has become a ‘recruitment tool for the Taliban.’ DailyMail 2012 Jan 12

In 1993, a filmmaker videotaped a soldier at a military base that teaches demolition. Later, he discovered that it was Timothy McVeigh who was executed for blowing up the Oklahoma City Federal Building in 1995. This film was shot a year after the government said McVeigh had left the military. [It is another piece of evidence that the official story about McVeigh is false and that, in spite of the fact that he was portrayed in the media as a right-wing nut who hated America, actually was a government operative with top-secret assignments.] Prison Planet 2012 Jan 12

Iranian nuclear scientist is assassinated by a car bomb. Iran blames the Israeli Mossad, the CIA, and Britain’s spy agencies in this latest death. There have been 4 other killings of scientists linked to nuclear development since early 2009. Israeli military warns Iran to expect more ‘unnatural events’ in 2012. DailyMail 2012 Jan 12

US: Dept. of Agriculture is covering up research that points to Bayer pesticide as the cause of global bee die-offs. NaturalSociety 2012 12

US: Here is a resolution by the Republican National Committee against United Nations Agenda 21, which is a plan for wealth redistribution, confiscation of private property, and loss of national sovereignty. [It's a great resolution. Now if only the top Republicans would DO something other than pass resolutions.]
RNC posted 2012 Jan 12

Greek austerity measures (resulting from excessive government debt and systemic bank fraud) are so severe that some parents are abandoning their children because they cannot afford to feed and care for them. DailyMail 2012 Jan 11

US: Warren Buffett offers to match any voluntary donation to help pay down the national debt made by any Republican member of Congress. This is in response to a Republican-sponsored bill to provide that option on the income-tax form. Buffet says they are merely grandstanding to look good. [We agree, but so is he.] Time 2012 Jan 11

US: The Dept. of Transportation is being sued by the Electronic Frontier Foundation for ignoring Freedom-of-Information requests about drones used to spy and track Americans. RawStory 2012 Jan 11

California: Obama’s Dept. of Justice is cracking down on legal marijuana dispensaries. The struggle between California and the Feds is heating up. Libertarian News 2012 Jan 11

Ron Paul, after placing second in the New Hampshire primary, says he and his supporters have had a great victory because they no longer can be ignored. They are dangerous to the status-quo candidates and to the Federal Reserve.
YouTube 2012 Jan 10

US: The Dept. of Agriculture approves Monsanto genetically modified corn that is said to be drought resistant despite over 45,000 people who publicly opposed it on grounds of environmental and health safety. Only 23 comments were received in favor. [Clearly, the government is more responsive to Monsanto than to public opinion.]
NaturalSociety 2012 Jan 10

US: Federal appeals court blocks Oklahoma from insisting that only American laws be considered in state courts. The ruling opens up the possibility that Muslim Sharia law or international law may be used instead. [Two things are wrong with this: (1) The Federal government has no authority to tell the states (which are the creators of the federal government) what laws they must use, and (2) the states and the federal government are bound to their own constitutions, which are the foundation of American law. Any other law is beyond the power of their creation and existence.] MSNBC 2012 Jan 10

US: The Department of Homeland Security now spies on journalists, political figures, bloggers, and literally anyone else who offers news or opinion to the public. [This has nothing to do with terrorism but is for identifying anyone who publicly opposes the policies of those in power. That is the hallmark of totalitarianism.] The Blaze 2012 Jan 9

The UN has added dozens of new proposals for totalitarian world government based on the myth of global warming. This is the final “to-do” list of global elitists who intend to rule every human on the planet — and soon. WattsUpWithThat 2012 Jan 9

US: The Supreme Court is hearing a precedent-setting case on property rights and EPA overreach. Several justices have heavily criticized the EPA’s lack of authority, overzealous actions, and astronomical fines. The Blaze 2012 Jan 9

Texas: Many schools now employ security guards as police to patrol corridors and lunch rooms. They issue tickets and even arrest kids for dropping papers or crumbs. Why is the state criminalizing normal childhood behavior? Guardian 2012 Jan 9

US: The Department of Commerce reportedly is preparing to require all Americans to obtain an Internet ID. Eventually, it would be a crime to have a web site, publish remarks, or even send emails without one. Fox News 2012 Jan 8

Former CIA terror specialist, Michael Scheuer, explains why Ron Paul’s foreign policy is strong and why a stop to meddling into the affairs of other nations would lead to a reduction of the threat of terrorism to the US. YouTube 2012 Jan 8

Iran and Russia have dropped the US dollar for trade and are using their own national currencies instead. This is a forceful response to US sanctions against Iran. Fox News 2012 Jan 7

New Hampshire debate: Ron Paul tells Newt Gingrich he is as a chickenhawk and says those who have never served in the military should be prevented from sending others off to war.
YouTube 2012 Jan 7

US: Alex Jones presents the case for believing that the government is attempting to reduce the population through the deliberate addition of toxic elements to food, water, and everyday products. Chemical additives and genetic manipulation of food also are aimed at reducing fertility and, thus, a reduction in birth rates. YouTube Posted 2012 Jan 7

EU now requires airlines to pay tax for carbon emission from jet engines. This will generate $326 million in new revenue, which is the reason for the tax, not a reduction in emissions. Passengers will pay this tax in the form of higher rates. China says it will not participate [but it will].
Raw Story Posted 2012 Jan 7

Obama indicates he is planning to give Russia US missile-defense secrets. Fox News Posted 2012 Jan 7

Antidepressants cause arteries to thicken 400% more than aging. This places those on antidepressant drugs at substantially higher risk of heart attack and stroke. NaturalSociety Posted 2012 Jan 7

Obama launches new “job-opportunity” program to create 179,000 new jobs, most of which will be unpaid. [It is not the function of the state to create jobs. By doing so, it interferes with the free market and, in the long run, destroys jobs while, at the same time, increasing taxes to sustain the program.]
The Hill Posted 2012 Jan 7

Judge Napolitano on Fox News asks hard questions about the mirage of the American two-party system. [Bravo! But this could get the Judge fired. Journalism at its best.]
YouTube Posted 2012 Jan 7

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