Saturday 28.01.12 – Unfiltered News Compiled by G. Edward Griffin

AMA advocates a federal law to force people into experimental vaccine trials.
Natural Society 2012 Jan 27

Hawaii proposes law that requires Internet Service Providers to keep a record of every website ever visited by all their customers for 2 years. GizmoCrave 2012 Jan 27

Bill Gates (who is a major investor in Monsanto) advocates that GMO crops are necessary to fight world hunger despite the health problems and crop failures associated with GMO foods. Here is the story behind the story.
Natural Society 2012 Jan 27

Georgia: Obama & his lawyer fail to appear for the subpoena in his presidential-eligibility case. This could result in his exclusion from the 2012 ballot in that state. Extensive evidence has been entered into the public record, which opens the door for other states to challenge Obama’s ability to run for president in 2012. National Patriot 2012 Jan 26

Oklahoma: To simulate various flavors in processed foods, some food manufacturers use aborted fetal cells to test and produce chemical enhancers. Concerned about the ethical implications of this process, Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey has introduced legislation to prohibit this practice from occurring in his state. NaturalNews 2012 Jan 26

Germany: Study shows that glyphosate herbicide (a chemical used in products like Monsanto’s Roundup) was found in 100% of human urine samples — and the levels were 5 to 20 times higher than what is considered safe for drinking water. This chemical is known to increase the risk of cancer and infertility. Natural Society 2012 Jan 26

EU agreement, allegedly to combat counterfeiting and online piracy, actually is all about government censorship and control of the Internet. It is widely opposed in Europe and has sparked riots in Poland. [In the US, a similar law was abandoned because of strong opposition, but Obama circumvented Congress by signing on to this agreement in October of 2011.]
PC World 2012 Jan 26

US Treasury is raiding federal employee pension funds to help cover its debts. [This is the same fraud that played out in Ireland, Portugal and other EU nations.] NaturalNews 2012 Jan 25

Virginia is the first state to introduce a bill to nullify the federal National Defense Authorization Act’s indefinite detention provision of US citizens. Other states are expected to follow. TAC 2012 Jan 25

Here is the model legislation to send to your state representatives.

US: The Center for Disease Control concludes a 4-year study of Morgellon’s Disease (fibers sprouting from skin) and has no explanation of its cause except to say that it is not from the environment or an infection. Critics suspect a cover-up.
MSNBC 2012 Jan 25

The top export from the US now is oil — even though the US also is the world’s biggest importer of oil. [This conundrum is explained by the fact that previous top exports, such as airplanes, have diminished greatly and because exported oil, even though it now is the top item, still is but a small fraction of the import. In net balance, the US remains deeply energy-dependent on other countries.] posted 2012 Jan 25

US: How to identify Republican neo-cons, posing as liberty candidates. Alt-Markets 2012 Jan 24

George Soros predicts that Occupy Wall Street protests will turn violent as the financial system continues to deteriorate, leading to martial law and a repressive political system. [We have been saying this for many months, but the difference is that we have urged people to beware of the Occupy movement for that reason, while Soros has been financing it.]
WND 2012 Jan 23

US: Witnesses document possible vote fraud in the South Carolina primary. Activist Post 2012 Jan 23

US: The Supreme Court unanimously agrees that police may not place a GPS device on someone’s car without a warrant, but they do not agree on why. [Some said it was because doing so was a search, which requires a warrant. Others said it was because it violates one's privacy. The lack of clarity may lead to future legal challenges.] CNN 2012 Jan 23

US: Senator Rand Paul, an outspoken critic of the TSA, was detained by the TSA after an x-ray body scanner detected an ‘anomaly’ at his knee. He refused a pat-down but offered to accept another scan, which was denied to him. He missed his flight. DailyMail 2012 Jan 23

Mitt Romney’s top 3 donors are banks, including Goldman Sachs. All of them have received billions of bailout money from taxpayers. [Guess where his loyalties will lie if elected.]
Tennessee for Paul 2012 Jan 21

Iowa: Caucus vote fraud is now confirmed after the votes were removed from public scrutiny and counted in secret. It may never be known how strong Ron Paul actually placed in that contest. [Many believe he actually won, which was the reason for the sudden change to a secret counting.]
Examiner 2012 Jan 21

The seed patent for aluminum-resistant seeds apparently was not created by Monsanto to take advantage of crops damaged by chemtrails but, according to patent applications, is for improving crop yields in highly acidic soils as are found in Africa. The patent is held, not by Monsanto, but by the USDA and Brazil’s Department of Agriculture. [Even though Monsanto may not own the patent, it could have a royalty or manufacturing contract that would make it an unseen partner with the patent holders. Monsanto does hold other patents on crops that are designed to thrive under the kind of stresses that would result from soil contamination from chemtrails.] FarmWars Posted 2012 Jan 21

US: Internet voting is gaining momentum as a major software company is purchased by a venture-capital company in Spain. Already, over 900 political jurisdictions in the US are using this software. [Internet voting is even more prone to fraud than electronic voting machines. In Washington D.C. a group of college students hacked the system and made it play their fight song when a vote was cast. Not so funny when you think of how easily our elections can be rigged.] KleinOnline Posted 2012 Jan 21

US: Ron Paul introduces legislation to repeal the section in the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act that allows American citizens to be arrested without charges or trial and indefinitely detained. [He is the only Presidential candidate to do this.] RT Posted 2012 Jan 21

Fox News says that RonPaul is the biggest threat to Obama, not Mitt Romney.
YouTube Posted 2012 Jan 21

US: Montana, Louisiana, and many other plaintiffs bring lawsuit against the Obama Administration for counting illegal aliens in the census to shift the number of representatives in the House in favor of border states and to skew the electoral college. Chuck Baldwin Posted 2012 Jan 21

Monsanto Corporation is discovered abusing workers in Argentina and treating them as slave labor. Natural Society Posted 2012 Jan 21

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