Saturday 11.02.12 – Unfiltered News Compiled by G. Edward Griffin

Who will win the GOP nomination is not necessarily the same as who wins the caucuses or even the primaries. All that matters is getting pledges from delegates to the national convention. Although not mentioned in mainstream media, most of the Republican delegates are pledging to … (ready for this?) … Ron Paul. YouTube 2012 Feb 9

US: 49 states have settled an agreement with five major banks that gives the financial giants immunity from future complaints about their loan and foreclosure practices. Individual and class-action suits may still be filed for fraudulent marketing of mislabeled investments. LA Times 2012 Feb 9

Fox Network cancels Judge Napolitano’s ‘Freedom Watch’ show. [This is a great loss to the freedom movement, but is consistent with the collectivist orientation of the Fox TV network.]
Reason 2012 Feb 9

US official tells NBC News that Israel is working closely with and funding a terrorist group in Iran to kill Iranian nuclear scientists. Iran has claimed this from the beginning. YouTube 2012 Feb 9

Russia and China veto a UN resolution that would call for regime change in Syria, which is the goal of the US and other Western powers. The veto is motivated by fear that the US is orchestrating the anti-government movement and seeks to replace the present despotic leader with another despotic leader who will be aligned with the US. [It's all about who will control the Middle East and has little to do with the interests of the common people. More violence is inevitable – perhaps even all-out war.] UPI 2012 Feb 8

Obama makes U-turn and now supports political Super-PAC contributions for unlimited amounts from donors outside campaign organizations. During his own campaign, he described these as a ‘corporate takeover of our democracy.’
DailyMail 2012 Feb 7

Senior US military officer breaks ranks and, admitting that it probably will cost him his career, says that the government is lying to Americans about the “success” of the war in Afghanistan, which he says is failing badly. DailyMail 2012 Feb 7

The US government and the courts have protected Monsanto and Dow Chemical from lawsuits resulting from Agent Orange and Dioxin poisoning. Costs will be passed on to taxpayers. [Incredibly, a federal judge created a special law from the bench that gives all government contractors immunity from the effects of their products, even non-military ones.] NaturalSociety 2012 Feb 7

Over 40 states have signed off on a settlement to compensate mortgage holders for bank fraud. [The banks are getting off easy but are slowing the settlement anyway because they also want immunity from future claims. Obama is pushing for a fast settlement to support the illusion that he is tough on big banks. No one is facing jail time and, eventually, most of the settlements will come from taxpayers in the form of bank bailouts. It's primarily a political show.] Huff Post 2012 Feb 7

Iran defaults on payments to India for rice imports – as a result of US and Western crippling blows against Iran’s banking system. India and other countries are expected to stop further shipments. Thus, the sanctions could cripple Iran’s food supply. Yahoo 2012 Feb 7

New York Times trashes the US Constitution; says it has fallen into disfavor for good reasons and is in need of a “sexy” update. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is quoted as saying she prefers the South African Constitution and the bill of rights in the European Union [both of which are based on the ideology of collectivism in contrast to the US Constitution which is based on the ideology of individualism.] NY Times Feb 7

Father of the German ‘green’ movement publishes a major book that shows global warming is a myth and that the UN’s IPCC has twisted science to further itspolitical agenda. [The book is taking Germany by storm and is a heavy body blow to global-warming alarmists.] No Tricks Zone 2012 Feb 6

Bill Gates is funding a group of climate scientists to lobby governments to back geo-engineering experiments, including the spraying of millions of tons of sulfur dioxide in the sky. The stated purpose is to combat global warming; but, increasingly, that is recognized now by scientists world-wide as a political myth. [So we are left to ponder what Gate's real motive is for spewing poison into the atmosphere. Could his life-long interest in population reduction have something to do with it?] Guardian 2012 Feb 6

US: The FBI is enlisting businesses to spy on their customers to detect suspicious activities that could identify them as domestic terrorists – such as always paying cash for a cup of coffee at an Internet cafe. Boiling Frogs Post 2012 Feb 6

GMO giant BASF is moving its headquarters from Europe to the United States where there is less opposition to GMO crops and regulators are more ‘friendly’ to GMO development.
FT Posted 2012 Feb 6

Without consent of Congress, Obama freezes all money and property of Iran’s government and central bank located in the US and also threatens sanctions against other countries if their banks continue to do business with Iran. [This is an act of financial war and is aimed at choking off world sales of Iranian oil. Israel says it will attack Iran if, in their opinion, the sanctions are ineffective.]
NY Times 2012 Feb 6

Nevada: This reporter says that Ron Paul rightfully won the Nevada Caucus, not Romney. [Romney was declared the winner with only 5% of the vote counted. Ron Paul was way ahead in Clark County (the most populous county in Nevada) until the GOP found "irregularities" and then recounted everything in private.] HillBuzz 2012 Feb 6

300 New York police have cancer resulting from toxic air after 9/11. Federal compensation may not cover cancer. A court decision is due in March. Meanwhile, studies linking cancer to 9/11 dust are being delayed so they cannot be used in the court case. DailyMail 2012 Feb 6

US: FBI distributes flyers to many industries asking them to observe and report on their customers. Here is a sampling of 25 different flyers describing actions or attitudes that could land you on a terrorist watch list. ActivistPost 2011 Feb 6

UK: Girls as young as 13 were given contraceptive implants in school without the consent of their parents. [In a collectivist system, it is assumed that the state has a higher authority over children than parents.] Telegraph 2012 Feb 6

US Bridges and roads are being built by companies owned by the Chinese government – even though American unemployment is at a critical level and US companies are anxious and able to do the job. ABC News posted 2012 Feb 5

Australia is the first country to demand all airline travelers to submit to full-body x-ray scanner – no option for a pat-down. ActivistPost 2012 Feb 5

US Geological Survey website acknowledges that fracking causes earthquakes. USGS posted 2012 Feb 5

Tennessee introduces bill to nullify the federal NDAA indefinite-detention law against US citizens. [The bill also would require federal agents to state the reason for any arrests and get written permission from local Sheriffs. Federal agents who make arrests that violate these requirements could be charged with kidnapping.] TAC Posted 2012 Feb 4

Andrew Adler – owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times – calls for the assassination of any US president who does not help Israel obliterate its enemies. [War hawks in high places are pondering ways to make an Israeli or US pre-emptive strike against Iran seem like a reasonable necessity. A false-flag attack on a US warship is a possibility.] RT Posted 2012 Feb 4

Georgia judge rules that Obama may appear on the 2012 ballot despite clear evidence submitted to the court that Obama’s claim of being a natural-born citizen is based on fraudulent documents.
WND Posted 2012 Feb 4

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