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There Is Not Going To Be A Solution To Our Economic Problems On The National Level
By Michael Snyder –
For those waiting for our economic problems to be solved, you can quit holding your breath. There is simply not going to be a solution to our economic problems on the national level. So why is that the case? Well, it is because the economic policies of both major political parties are very, very similar when you take a close look at them. Yes, that statement may sound downright bizarre to many Americans, but it is true. Both major political parties supported the Wall Street bailouts, both of them fully support the job-killing “free trade” globalization agenda, both of them have dramatically increased the national debt when in power, both of them fully support the currency-killing policies of the Federal Reserve, and neither major political party would get rid of the income tax and the IRS. And that is just for starters. Yes, there are some minor differences when it comes to taxing and spending between the two parties, but the truth is that they are a lot more similar on economic issues than they are different. What we desperately need on the national level is a fundamental change in direction when it comes to economic policy, but we simply are not going to get that from either the Democrats or the Republicans. That means that there is no hope that the economic storm that is coming will be averted.

Gold/Platinum Ratio Suggests Much Higher Gold Prices Are Coming Soon
By Hubert Moolman –
There is an interesting pattern developing on the Gold/Platinum Ratio. This pattern is similar to a previous pattern on the silver chart. Below, is a graphic which features the Gold/Platinum Ratio chart (top) as well as the silver chart (bottom) (charts courtesy of [se charts]
The graphic is self-explanatory, and indicates that the Gold/Platinum Ratio is in a position similar to where silver was at the end of January 2011. If the ratio was to continue to follow the silver pattern, then we could have gold being 1.7 times the value of platinum in this year. This is consistent with my expectation of a significantly higher “real’ gold price (relative to stocks and most commodities).

Fearful, Anti-Social Cash Hoarding
By Adrian Ash –
HOARDING stuff until your home is a health hazard and your family and neighbors hate you isn’t only a TV “reality”. Perhaps 1 million US citizens are prey to the hoarding compulsion on one estimate, fighting the urge to let everything just keep piling up.
“Hoarding and anxiety,” according to one fighting sufferer, “go hand-in-hand. Fear keeps us from letting go of objects we don’t need.” Overcoming that fear is a tough job, however. “Clean-up usually provokes intense anxiety,” says another report, noting that hoarding stems variously from dementia, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder amongst other deep-seated troubles.

Federal Reserve Money Printing Inflation Pushed U.S. Economy to the Wall
By Terry Coxon –
With few exceptions, all of the noble souls who chose a career in “public service” and who’ve advanced to be voting members of Congress are committed to chronic deficits, though they deny it. For political purposes, deficits work. The people whose wishes come true through the spending side of the deficit are happy and vote to reelect. The people on the borrowing side of the deficit aren’t complaining, since they willingly buy the Treasury bonds and Treasury bills that fund the deficit. And taxpayers generally tolerate deficits as a lesser evil than a tax hike.

Get Ready for ‘Hot’ Inflation
By Gregor Macdonald –
Ideological deflationists and inflationists alike find themselves both facing the same problem. The former still carry the torch for a vicious deflationary juggernaut sure to overpower the actions of the mightiest central banks on the planet. The latter keep expecting not merely a strong inflation but a breakout of hyperinflation.
Neither has occurred, and the question is, why not?
The answer is a ‘cold’ inflation, marked by a steady loss of purchasing power that has progressed through Western economies, not merely over the past few years but over the past decade. Moreover, perhaps it’s also the case that complacency in the face of empirical data (heavily-manipulated, many would argue), support has grown up around ongoing “benign” inflation.

Why Bankruptcy Is the New Black
By John Butler –
OK, OK, I’m not exactly one to write about fashion, but fashion is about trends, and investment analysis is frequently about identifying trends early, if possible even before they properly begin, to assume the vanguard position prior to a dramatic outperformance of a given asset, or investment style. And so, in exercise of my modest accumulated wisdom and experience, I am predicting a surge in US corporate restructurings and bankruptcies, if not already in 2012, then in 2013. There is just too much corporate capital being wasted and consumed on bloated, inefficient balance sheets. Investors, normally fearful of bankruptcy, will soon learn that it is, in fact, their best friend. Once a corporation is on the edge, the sooner you push it over, the better. Free up that capital, re-deploy it, run it lean and mean and, when the time is right, leverage it up and score the big returns. How best to invest for a world in which bankruptcy makes the front page of Vogue? Read on.

Keiser Report: Vicious Circle of Bankster Huddles (E277)
In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert discuss huddles and cuddles with the Goombahs of Wall Street and the technical violations that cannot be called by name. In the second half of the show Max talks to Rolling Stone journalist, Matt Taibbi, about the Wall Street mafia, their small and big time rackets and the process of writing these crime stories for a wide audience.

German tempers boil over back-door euro rescues
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard –
Professor Hans-Werner Sinn, head of Germany’s IFO Institute, said German taxpayers are facing a dangerous rise in credit risk from a plethora of bail-out schemes. “The euro-system is near explosion,” he told Austria’s Economics Academy on Thursday.
Dr Sinn said Germany is on the hook for much of the €2.1 trillion (£1.72 trillion) in rescue measures for EMU debtors – often by the back-door – that will saddle Germans with ruinous losses one day.

IMF chief Christine Lagarde in last-ditch struggle to raise funds
By Larry Elliott –
Christine Lagarde is involved in a struggle to raise funds for the International Monetary Fund amid fears that a fresh eruption of the global financial crisis will leave the organisation short of emergency cash.
The fund’s managing director was lobbying hard for Britain and other developed nations that have yet to pledge money to build a bigger firewall to provide more than $400bn (£250bn) in fresh resources.

China hints at new monetary easing
By Chris Oliver – MarketWatch
HONG KONG (MarketWatch) — China could be readying changes to pump up bank lending, with a state-media report late Wednesday indicating a possible cut to banks’ required reserves, and with some analysts noting a downturn in money-supply growth.
Beijing wants to ease banks’ required reserve ratios in an effort to boost liquidity, the Xinhua news agency cited an unnamed official with the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) as saying.

Temper Your Optimism, Says the IMF
By Clive Crook –
Where I am, not many people need that advice.
I traveled to Madrid yesterday, partly to help run a seminar that the Aspen Institute has put together this weekend on the future of capitalism. I don’t know whether the timing for the event is good or bad. Spain has 23% unemployment (the youth unemployment rate is 50%) and its output is still contracting. It’s also the new focus of Europe’s debt-crisis anxieties. It’s the fourth-biggest economy in the euro area, so if it’s allowed to go the way of Greece it will overwhelm the EU’s inadequate financial defenses. In one way our subject couldn’t be more topical–but it’s hard to look very far ahead when the ceiling’s falling in.

Economists: Sluggish recovery here to stay
By Annalyn Censky –
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The recovery is still chugging along at a sluggish pace, and unfortunately, it looks like it may stay that way for a while.
Economists surveyed by CNNMoney predict the unemployment rate will slip to 8% by the end of the year, not much of an improvement from thecurrent 8.2% rate.
It’s like “running in place,” said Lynn Reaser, chief economist at Point Loma Nazarene University. The unemployment rate, which only counts people who have looked for jobs in the last four weeks, recently fell as people dropped out of the labor force.

Program for rural homebuyers is nearly broke
By Steve Karnowski –
MINNEAPOLIS — A federal loan program that has helped hundreds of thousands of Americans buy homes in rural areas is about to run out of money, potentially crippling the real estate market in many small communities.
Since last fall, the loans from the Department of Agriculture have fueled much of the real estate business in some parts of the country. Real estate agents are pleading with Congress to find a way to keep the money flowing until more funding becomes available later in the year.

Obama unveils new help for unemployed
By Tami Luhby –
Some states could soon be allowed to use unemployment funds to subsidize on-the-job training and other re-employment programs.
The Obama administration Thursday launched the effort, which will permit up to 10 states to use administrative funds or their trust funds to implement pilot programs that expedite the return of the unemployed to work.
The initiative is a key part of the president’s effort to overhaul the unemployment system. It is part of a series of changes Congress approved as part of the payroll tax agreement in February.

CEO pay is 380 times average worker’s – AFL-CIO
- CNNMoney
WASHINGTON (CNNMoney) — Chief executives at some of the nation’s largest companies earned an average of $12.9 million in total pay last year — 380 times more than a typical American worker, according to the AFL-CIO.
Average CEO pay rose 14% compared to 2010, when they earned $11.4 million on average, according to the union group.
The AFL-CIO each year highlights the pay disparity between workers and chief executives from companies that are part of Standard & Poor’s 500 stock index.

The Death Spiral of America’s Big Law Firms
By Jordan Weissmann –
This month, the legal industry has been fixated on the gathering storm clouds around Dewey & LeBoeuf, a high-end international law firm based out of New York. The issue is not so much whether Dewey is in trouble — that much is obvious — but whether the firm is in the midst of an accelerating death spiral. About 20 percent of its partners have defected to other firms this year. More may be jumping ship. Former partners are speculating about whether the firm will merely shrink, or be “busted up into a bunch of little pieces.”

Sprint hit with $300 million tax fraud lawsuit
By Julianne Pepitone –
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — New York’s attorney general filed a tax fraud lawsuit against Sprint Nextel on Thursday, accusing the wireless carrier of intentionally underpaying sales tax in the state for seven years.
Starting in 2005, Sprint stopped collecting and paying New York sales tax on around 25% of the revenue from its fixed-price monthly cell phone plans, according to New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Got bad credit? Card issuers want you again
By Blake Ellis –
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Credit card issuers are ramping up lending to consumers with poor credit. But borrowers beware: The terms aren’t always going to be good.
Lending to subprime consumers — typically those with a FICO credit score of below 660 — climbed 41% last year, with banks issuing 1.1 million new credit cards to riskier consumers, a four-year high, according to a recent report from credit reporting agency Equifax.
Credit limits on new subprime credit cards also grew, climbing 55% from 2010 to 2011.

Government of waste and lawlessness
By Andrew P. Napolitano –
What can we learn from allegations against a half-dozen supervisors in the General Services Administration (GSA) about wasting – and perhaps stealing – taxpayer dollars on foolishness in Las Vegas and against a dozen Secret Service agents about dangerously procuring prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia, while there to prepare for a visit by the president?
If the allegations are true – and they seem to be – the behavior of those federal workers reflects a view hardly consistent with the ideas of limited government and public trust. The United States is the only nation in history founded on the principle that people voluntarily give up some personal freedom in order to form a central government of limited powers and for limited purposes. Those purposes, according to the Constitution, consist primarily of the maintenance of personal freedom, natural rights and property rights, civil liberties and commercial liberties.

States asked to apply for unemployment test plan
By Jim Kuhnhenn – Yahoo News
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is looking for states that will experiment withunemployment insurance programs by letting people test a job while still receiving benefits.
The plan is a key feature of a payroll tax cut package that President Barack Obama negotiated withcongressional Republicans in February.
The Labor Department will open the application process Thursday for 10 model projects across the country. Any state can apply for the “Bridge to Work” program.

The Sea Change: Obama’s Confirmed Forgeries Are Not Going Away
By Monte Kuligowski –
For several years, an Orwellian-type fear of being “marginalized” held reporters and pundits back from questioning Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of the presidency. To raise an eyebrow at the bizarre secrecy of Obama was off-limits. To question whether the historic definition of “natural born citizen” applied to Obama was taboo.
The era of fear, however, is happily winding down. It will take some time for this realization to fully take hold. But make no mistake: the tables have turned.
Like it or not, the ground has shifted, and it cannot shift back. The evidence of Obama’s forgeries is not going away.

- Congressman Tom Tancredo
Rock star and gun enthusiast Ted Nugent appeared on Glenn Beck’s radio show this morning. The outspoken musician discussed the heat he’s been taking over controversial comments he made at the NRA convention this past weekend. Additionally, he talked about his impending meeting with the Secret Service as a result of his words and commented on the “sub-human punk” label he gave DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
“It’s a world gone berzerko,” Nugent said when summing up the days’ recent events.” If it wasn’t for the federal government my life would be perfect. Perfect. I’m not kidding…”

Nugent says had “solid” meeting with Secret Service
By Steve Olafson
(Reuters) – Musician and gun-rights advocate Ted Nugent said on Thursday he had a positive meeting with U.S. Secret Service agents investigating his recent criticism of President Barack Obama, and the agency confirmed the issue had been resolved.
Nugent, who told NRA supporters in St. Louis last week that he would be “dead or in jail” next year if Obama was reelected, said in a statement that he had “met with two fine, professional Secret Service agents” in Oklahoma.

Ted Nugent = Hilary Rosen
By Jennifer Harper –
That’s the equation, say progressive bloggers who are annoyed that the news media has yet to turn its full frenzied attention to recent remarks made by rock icon and firearms aficionado Ted Nugent at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention.
Among other things, Mr. Nugent — who has officially endorsed Republican hopeful Mitt Romney — characterized Obama administration officials as “vile, evil and America-hating” and “criminals,” later predicting that he’d be “dead or in jail by this time next year,” should President Obama win re-election.

CNN Journalist Calls for Throwing Ted Nugent in Prison
By Kurt Nimmo –
LZ Granderson, a regular CNN contributor, has called for locking up Ted Nugent following his public criticism of Obama.
“Not because he doesn’t like Barack Obama but because he got up in front of a group of people and insinuated he would attempt to assassinate Obama if he’s re-elected. Or let’s put it this way: A man with a truckload of guns has threatened the life of our president while the country’s at war,” he writes.

Executive Orders: Is the Constitution Being Shackled?
By Brent Daggett –

“I believe there are more instances of abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments than violent and sudden usurpations.” — James Madison at the Virginia Ratification debates.

When one analyzes Madison’s logic, it seems prophetic, especially if one applies it to executive orders.
History of the Executive Order
In a February 21, 2001 article, The Use and Abuse of Executive Orders and Other Presidential Directives, Todd Gaziano, Director, Center for Legal & Judicial Studies at the Heritage Foundation, illustrated the courses of action leading to the executive order and the legal ramifications.

Gun industry’s economic impact skyrockets during Obama years
By Tim Devaney – The Washington Times
The economic impact of the firearms industry is up 66 percent since the beginning of the Great Recession, providing an unexpected shot in the arm for the economy, according to a new study.
The National Shooting Sports Foundation claims that the economic impact of firearm sales — a figure that includes jobs. taxes and sales — hit $31 billion in 2011, up from $19 billion in 2008.
Jobs in the firearms business jumped 30 percent from 2008 to 2011, when the industry employed 98,750.

Obama’s Secretive Keystone XL Decision
By Ken Blackwell –
The oppressive monster known as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not just killing jobs these days — it is intentionally avoiding transparency that may shed light on the political motivations behind the agency’s actions.
Started in 1970 by President Richard Nixon, the EPA was a small agency that combined several anti-pollution and clean water agencies into one agency with 4,084 employees and a $1 billion budget. Today, it has 17,000 employees and has evolved from its narrow focus into an unconstitutional, blunt instrument with vast powers that the Obama Administration wields to promote a radical political agenda that is destroying prosperity and ruining lives.

Firm submits revised route for Keystone XL
By Grant Schulte –
LINCOLN, NEB. — Officials unveiled a new preferred route Thursday for the Nebraska portion of the stalled Keystone XL oil pipeline that avoids the state’s groundwater-rich Sandhills region and ratchets up the political pressure on President Obama over the project’s future.
The proposed route would veer east around the Sandhills before looping back to the original route. Developer TransCanada has said the reroute adds about 100 miles to the original 1,700-mile project that would carry oil fromCanada to the Gulf Coast.

White House raises concerns over CISPA bill
By Jaikumar Vijayan –
Computerworld – The White House joined the growing chorus of voices expressing concern over the proposed Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) legislation that is scheduled for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives next week.
The bill would allow Internet service providers and Internet companies such as Google and Facebook to collect and share a wide range of user data with the government. Privacy and civil rights groups have blasted the bill, saying it would dismantle privacy protections and enable unprecedented surveillance of online activities under the pretext of cybersecurity.

CISPA: say ‘goodbye’ to privacy and freedom

MIT and others launch a tech education revolution
By Patrick Thibodeau –
Computerworld – MIT’s free online course, 6.002x: Circuits and Electronics, is a hit. The course, which began in March and ends on June 8, prompted 120,000 registrations.
This online course is no different than the circuits and electronics course taught to undergrads on campus, said Anant Agarwal, director of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, who leads 6.002x. The class is part of an open education program called MITx. Discussing the curriculum of MITx, Agarwal said, “It’s not watered down; it’s the same thing — it’s as hard” as the classes all MIT students take.

The Jig Is Up: Time to Get Past Facebook and Invent a New Future
By Alexis Madrigal –
We’re there. The future that visionaries imagined in the late 1990s of phones in our pockets and high-speed Internet in the air: Well, we’re living in it.
“The third generation of data and voice communications — the convergence of mobile phones and the Internet, high-speed wireless data access, intelligent networks, and pervasive computing — will shape how we work, shop, pay bills, flirt, keep appointments, conduct wars, keep up with our children, and write poetry in the next century.”

Android malware writers exploit Instagram craze to distribute SMS Trojan horse
By Lucian Constantin –
IDG News Service – In an attempt to take advantage of the popularity of free photo-sharing app Instagram among smartphone users, malware writers have created fake Instagram websites to distribute Android Trojan horses, according to security researchers from antivirus firms Sophos and Trend Micro.
Originally developed for Apple’s iOS devices, Instagram allows smartphone users to take photos, apply various digital filters to them and share the resulting images on social networking websites. There are over 30 million registered Instagram accounts as of April 2012, according to its creators.

“Coldest May in 100 years”, forecasters predict
The winter weather follows a wet start to April, with the threat of floods and storms to come over the next few days.
The Met Office has issued weather warnings for the South West, London, South East, Wales and the West of England due to flooding on roads and 60mph winds.
Hail storms are expected across the country and it is feared windows could be broken by giant hail, up to 1cm thick. In the north and Scotland temperatures could fall to -2C.

RFID Included In Obama’s Healthcare bill

RFID Micro-Chip Confirmed Brian Williams, Ron Paul, Paul Begley
Mark of the Beast? How Close? March 23, 2013 or 2017? NBC Brian Williams, Fox News Megan Kelly, Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, Evangelist Perry Stone, and Pastor Paul Begley, Hal Linsey, and many others have confirmed the technology for the mark of the beast is here. Where is the Beast?

RFID CHIP & NATIONAL ID Comming Soon [March 2010]

RFID Chip can Kill Disobedient Slaves – Already being Implemented!

Mandatory ‘Big Brother’ Black Boxes In All New Cars From 2015
By Paul Joseph Watson –
A bill already passed by the Senate and set to be rubber stamped by the House would make it mandatory for all new cars in the United States to be fitted with black box data recorders from 2015 onwards.
Section 31406 of Senate Bill 1813 (known as MAP-21), calls for “Mandatory Event Data Recorders” to be installed in all new automobiles and legislates for civil penalties to be imposed against individuals for failing to do so.

By Congressman Tom Tancredo
“This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. The radical Marxist-progressives (communists) took control of the democrat party some time ago. They’ve only become more emboldened with the election of Barack Obama, who was raised as a communist from birth.
With their new found leader, Barack Obama, the Socialist Party of America felt secure enough to announce the names of 70 democrats in Congress that belong to their caucus.”

The real scandals of Obama’s Latin America summit
By Amy Goodman –
President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign launched its first Spanish-language ads this week, just after returning from the Summit of the Americas. He spent three days in Colombia, longer than any president in US history. The trip was marred, however, by a prostitution scandal involving the US military and secret service. General Martin Dempsey, chair of the US joint chiefs of staff, said: “We let the boss down, because nobody’s talking about what went on in Colombia other than this incident.”
Dempsey is right. It also served as a metaphor for the US government’s ongoing treatment of Latin America.

Not So Secret Service
By Cal Thomas –
In the 1962 Howard Lindsay-Russel Crouse-Irving Berlin Broadway musical, “Mr. President,” one of the songs in the production is titled “The Secret Service,” which begins, “the Secret Service makes me nervous…”
If allegations are true that at least 11 Secret Service agents and several members of the U.S. military consorted with prostitutes prior to President Obama’s arrival in Cartagena, Colombia, it should make a lot of people nervous. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has pledged that lawmakers will be “looking over the shoulder” of the inspector general as the Department of Homeland Security office investigates the allegations. The accused have been placed on administrative leave and their security clearances have been revoked.

Judging, the Cosmic Way
By George Will –
WASHINGTON — Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III, a Reagan appointee to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, is a courtly Virginian who combines a manner as soft as a Shenandoah breeze with a keen intellect. His disapproval of much current thinking about how the Constitution should be construed is explained in his spirited new book — slender and sharp as a stiletto — “Cosmic Constitutional Theory: Why Americans Are Losing Their Inalienable Right to Self-Governance” (Oxford).
A “cosmic theory,” Wilkinson says, is any theory purporting to do for constitutional questions what Freud and Einstein tried to do concerning human behavior and the universe, respectively — provide comprehensive and final answers. The three jurisprudential theories Wilkinson criticizes are the “living Constitution,” “originalism” and “constitutional pragmatism.” Each, he says, abets judicial hubris, leading to judicial “activism.”

Is North Korea Losing China?
By Christopher Hill –
DENVER – For most countries, the spectacular failure of a rocket launch would mean a return to the drawing board, or at least some introspection aimed at figuring out what went wrong. But that does not appear to be the case in North Korea, where the flubbed launch of its long-range Unha-3 rocket has merely set the stage for a new level of defiance: the detonation of yet another nuclear device, perhaps bigger than in the past.
The world, it seems, must be shown that North Korean scientists, despite their dearth of success in producing food, have mastered how to produce a weapon of mass destruction. And such a demonstration might well be needed to confer legitimacy on the newly installed third-generation leader, Kim Jong-un, a boy-dictator whose only accomplishment to date has been to prove on television that he can ride a horse, and that he appears to know how to read.

Syria: Turkey threatens to invoke Nato’s self-defence article
By Richard Spencer –
Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, repeated calls for United Nations action against Syria, and went on to refer to Article 5 of the Nato treaty. That calls an attack on one Nato member like Turkey an attack on all members.
Invoking the treaty would allow Nato members to take military action against Syria legally without a UN security council resolution. Article 5 has only been invoked on one previous occasion – in the action taken against Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks.

Iran army ready for action on disputed Gulf island
By Nasser Karimi – Yahoo News
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s ground forces commander warned that should diplomacy fail, the military is ready for action over a disputed Gulf island controlled by Iran but also claimed by theUnited Arab Emirates, state TV reported Thursday.
Gen. Ahmad Reza Pourdastan said Iranian forces are capable of confronting any offender against Iran’s sovereignty over the strategic Abu Musa island in the Persian Gulf

Iran’s Last Chance?
By Javier Solana –
MADRID – The latest round of negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program between Iran and the so-called “5+1″ group (the United Nations Security Council’s five permanent members – the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, and China – plus Germany) has now begun. Following more than a year of deadlock, after negotiations in January 2011 led nowhere, this dialogue is for many the last chance to find a peaceful solution to a nearly decade-long conflict (in which I participated closely from 2006 to 2009 as the West’s main negotiator with Iran).
The objective of the talks, chaired by the European Union’s foreign-policy chief, Catherine Ashton, and Iran’s chief negotiator, Saeed Jalili, is still to persuade Iran to halt uranium enrichment and to comply with Security Council resolutions and its obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. But several factors heighten the current negotiations’ strategic importance.

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?
THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

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