Saturday 20.10.12 – Unfiltered News Compiled by G. Edward Griffin

Pakistan’s interior minister says that more than 2000 people have been killed in US drone strikes in his country and 80% of those have been innocent civilians. RT 2012 Oct 18

US: Welfare spending has increased 32% since Obama has been in office.
New American 2012 Oct 18

Felipe Calderon, Mexico’s outgoing president, signed a law that bans cash transactions over $15,500. Violations carry a five-year prison sentence. [Supposedly, this is to combat terrorism and drug trafficking. The real purpose is to force law-abiding citizens to use credit cards and bank checks so their financial transactions can be monitored. In the New World Order, financial privacy will not exist - except for the rulers.]
Daily Bell 2012 Oct 18

Greece: New protests break out over austerity and government debt. [It is ironic that protestors want the government to reduce debt but still want their government paychecks and benefits. There is no resolution to this conflict except through force of arms. Either the government will be toppled or the people will be crushed. Even if the government is toppled, it will be replaced by another just like it – or worse – as long as the people continue looking to the state for salvation. We expect this scenario to spread to the rest of Europe and, eventually, to the U.S.] Irish Times 2012 Oct 18

US: Vikram Pandit, CEO of Citigroup, was abruptly ousted by Citi board members. [Stock prices fell by 89% under Pandit's leadership, and the reason for the ouster appears to be a clash over strategy for future operations. It is expected that Citi may further downsized.] WSJ 2012 Oct 17

Mitt Romney’s company Bain Capital is a primary owner of Clear Channel and Premiere Radio Networks that feature conservative radio shows (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, etc.). [Is it any wonder that these hosts were Romney cheerleaders and trounced Ron Paul? Premiere Radio Networks was caught using paid actors to call into shows, posing as listeners, to set the topics to be discussed and the tone of audience sentiment.]
The American Dream Posted 2012 Oct 17

FBI “sting” nabs Bangladesh man for plotting to blow up the Federal Reserve in New York – but the FBI recruited him, provided him with money, gave him a van, and provided what he thought was a bomb. [This is yet another case of the government creating a terrorist suspect so he can be "caught in the act" and, thereby reinforce the public perception that terrorists are everywhere.] InfoWars 2012 Oct 17

India will continue to buy Iranian oil despite Western sanctions.
[They will trade in currencies other than the US Dollar and the Euro.]
RT 2012 Oct 17

US military forces are poised to attack al-Qaida in Libya in retaliation for the 9/11/2012 attacks on the US embassy, but have been unable to find the individuals responsible. [That's the official story. However, it is speculated that the real reason for not attacking is the possible negative impact on the President's campaign prior to the November election. Americans were being conditioned to demand retribution for Ambassador Steven's death, but this quickly diminished when it was learned that the government knew of the likelihood of an attack but reduced security instead of increasing it.] DailyMail 2012 Oct 16

Head of Zimbabwe’s central bank, the man who created hyperinflation and utterly destroyed that country’s currency, says that the US is following the same path to disaster.
ZeroHedge 2012 Oct 16

Fukushima: The ground beneath reactor #4 is sinking, and experts say the structure may collapse. [If that happens, it would be a 'worst-case scenario' in which a catastrophic meltdown would make containment impossible. All of Japan and much of the world would become uninhabitable. Sounds alarmist to us but, nevertheless, we need to know what these experts are saying.]
NaturalNews 2012 Oct 16

Hillary Clinton accepts responsibility for reduced security prior to the attacks on Americans in Libya on 9/11/12. [This is a calculated move to reduce criticism of Obama during the presidential campaign.] USA Today 2012 Oct 16

State Representatives from Maine, New Jersey, and Oklahoma will introduce legislation to nullify Obamacare when the new session starts in 2013. [That's good news, but we are mindful that it is a long road from introducing legislation, to passing it, to challenging it in the Supreme Court, to standing firm against the Court's decision, if necessary. But every journey begins with a single step.]
Tenth Amendment Center 2012 Oct 16

US businessman, Russ George, dumped 100 tons of iron sulphate into the Pacific Ocean in a geo-engineering technique called ‘ocean fertilization’. [Theoretically, this will stimulate the growth of plankton that will absorb carbon from the water and, indirectly, from the atmosphere. The long-term side effects of this move are unknown, but scientists are concerned over the impact on marine life other than plankton.] io9 2012 Oct 16

Obama supporters on FaceBook and Twitter are threatening to riot in the streets if Romney wins the election. InfoWars 2012 Oct 15

Class action suit filed against twelve major banks for rigging interest rates so that many mortgage holders were forced into foreclosure. [This claim should be easy to prove, but will bank executives be punished? Probably not. We shall see.] DailyMail 2012 Oct 15

New study shows staggering increase in birth defects in Iraqi children resulting from the use of depleted uranium weapons by the US and Britain.
RT 2012 Oct 15

EU increases sanctions against Iran in what amounts to a virtual declaration of war.
[Sanctions include the ban of natural gas imports from Iran into EU nations, the prohibition of all financial transactions between EU and Iranian banks, and a cutoff of Iranian broadcasts in the EU.] Times Union 2012 Oct 15

Los Angeles County released a study of the possible dangers from pumping water and chemicals under high pressure deep into the ground to fracture rock formations under certain parts of the city to increase gas and oil production. This is called ‘fracking’. The study concluded that there is no significant danger of polluting ground water or triggering earthquakes from this process. [But wait! The study was not done by the county at all. It was done by a company that is closely associated with the fracking industry, and it was funded entirely by the oil and gas industry. Hmmm. Do you suppose the findings might be a bit biased?] DeSmogBlog 2012 Oct 15

Colorado healthcare workers to be fired if they refuse flu shots. [Flu vaccines contain toxic ingredients and may be less than 1.5% effective.] NaturalNews 2012 Oct 15

The British weather agency (called the Met Office) quietly released a report stating that global warming ended 16 years ago and that industrialization has little effect on the climate. [This is huge news, but mainstream media has not carried the story.] DailyMail 2012 Oct 13

US: Obama supports the plan, currently underway, to force people out of suburbs and into cities, where they can be more closely monitored and controlled. [This is to be done by (1) using suburban taxes to pay for city expenses, (2) cutting back on highway construction to the suburbs to discourage commuting, and (3) limiting commercial development in the suburbs to reduce employment. This plan also is in full swing at the county level to drive people out of rural areas.] National Review Posted 2012 Oct 13

Ron Paul says he cannot endorse Mitt Romney because he belongs to the single-party system of Republicans/Democrats. [He says nothing changes from one administration to the other regardless of party platforms.] ZeroHedge Posted 2012 Oct 13

Newport Beach, California: An elementary school boy was suspended, and the police were called because he had a kombucha health drink prepared by his mother in his lunch. [Kombucha is derived from fermented tea, like cider is derived from fermented apple juice. Authorities considered it to be alcoholic. Will apple cider be next?] Healthy Economist Posted 2012 Oct 13

Al Gore, leader of the global-warming hoaxers, received $100 million from investments in so-called green projects that were given government loans and tax benefits by the Obama Administration. After bilking the American taxpayers, most of these companies went bankrupt. [Gore is a donor to the Obama campaign. This news report calls this 'crony capitalism', but it's really 'crony socialism.']
YouTube Posted 2012 Oct 13

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