Saturday 10.11.12 – Unfiltered News Compiled by G. Edward Griffin

Poll shows that 30% of Americans would accept a cavity search by the TSA in order to fly. InfoWars 2012 Nov 9

Iranian fighter jets fire on a US surveillance Predator drone off the coast of Kuwait, in international airspace. [The drone was not hit, but it is not known if that was because of lack of skill or because it was intended as a warning. The Pentagon waited until after the elections to report the shelling, possibly because Romney heavily criticized Obama for a soft stance against Iran. This news could have been used to reinforce his claim.] DailyMail 2012 Nov 8

The Bank of England is officially ending its latest round of quantitative easing (money creation) because it is not producing the anticipated results. [However, it will continue expanding the money supply in less "official" ways, such as secret payments to banks to stimulate lending. Inflation will continue to accelerate.]
SilverDoctors 2012 Nov 8

California: Journalist suspects vote fraud in tabulating the votes on Proposition 37 (that called for labeling of GMO foods).
[The measure lost by 559,776 votes, but there are millions of votes that have not yet been counted – and may never be. The firm that is responsible for making the projection has a suspicious history. We are not ready to cry "foul" but this bears looking into.]
Jon Rappaport 2012 Nov 8

Less than 24 hours after Obama won the election, he announced that he plans to introduce a carbon tax. [This will be paid by consumers in the form of higher costs for electricity and everything manufactured in America. It's just another tax on top of all the rest disguised as a means of helping the environment.]
InfoWars 2012 Nov 7

Obama’s re-election can be attributed largely to the Latino vote (71% supported him). [Latino activists now say that Obama owes the election to them, so now he must repay them by legalizing 11 million immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally.] Yahoo 2012 Nov 7

US: The recent elections produced 6 victories for states’ rights and nullification of unconstitutional federal laws. [Here is a list of the propositions that were passed, legalization of marijuana and relief from Obamacare.]
Tenth Amendment Center 2012 Nov 7

Obama has ramped up sanctions against Iran after Iranian fighter jets fired on a US drone near their border. [Sanctions normally are used as leverage in negotiations to achieve goals without warfare. So far, these sanctions are not being used in that fashion but, rather, to disrupt the Iranian economy and goad the government into stronger military response, which then can be used as justification for all-out war.] YouTube 2012 Nov 7

Orlando, Florida man is ordered to remove his front-yard vegetable garden because the city code requires ground cover to have a finished appearance to maintain neighborhood property value. [This issue is more complex than it appears. Do property owners have a right to ban together and set local ordinances to protect their property values? Should anything be banned, such as raw garbage and junk? If not, then why not ban vegetable gardens if they wish? Is this a matter of taste or principle? Tell us what you think here.]
Click Orlando 2012 Nov 7

US: 90 million eligible American voters shunned the recent elections. [The good news is that most of those probably have few, if any, political convictions, in which case it's good that they stayed home. The bad news is that many citizens have decided the system is so corrupt they cannot participate and, thereby, give it credibility.] PressTV 2012 Nov 6

UK: The Daily Telegraph demanded data from the National Health Service and found that over 900 girls, age 13 to 16, have been given dangerous contraceptive injections or implants by school nurses without parental knowledge. [The issue is, not that these procedures were based on the acceptance of teen sex without moral judgment or that they may have adverse health consequences, but that the decision was made by the government, not the parents, and that the girls were encouraged to conspire with government agents to conceal everything from their parents. Who is in charge here?] New American 2012 Nov 6

Australia: Carbon taxes are being used to “re-purpose” rural agricultural land (which means to take it out of food production and return it to a wild state). [Political insiders are buying this land to profit greatly from carbon credits at taxpayers' expense. Food shortages will follow, and food prices will soar – all in the name of environ-mentalism.] YouTube Posted 2012 Nov 5

New gene-altering drug prepares the way for genetically modifying humans.
NaturalSociety 2012 Nov 5

Turkey is prosecuting four Israeli military commanders in absentia, including the head of the Israeli army, for killing nine Turks on a Gaza-bound aid ship in 2010. Haaretz 2012 Nov 5

HSBC bank expects to face criminal charges for money laundering. [The fine could exceed $1.5 billion, which is what the bank set aside for reserves to cover this contingency.]
SF Gate 2012 Nov 5

South Korea has shut down two nuclear reactors after discovering that there were forged safety certificates for hundreds of replaceable parts. [It may take several months to replace the parts, causing massive power shortages in the meantime.] YouTube 2012 Nov 5

Vaccine bombshell: University of Pittsburgh study showed that baby monkeys given the same vaccines given to human babies developed autism, while the non-vaccinated control group remained healthy. Vanguard 2012 Nov 3

The pro-GMO lobby headed by Monsanto was caught impersonating a government agency by inventing a quote and using the FDA seal. [This is a felony, but no action has been taken against the perpetrators to date.]
NaturalSociety Posted 2012 Nov 3

China says it will phase-out harvesting organs from executed prisoners and, next year, will implement organ donation on a voluntary basis. [It is not difficult to imagine how death-row prisoners can be persuaded to volunteer.]
ABC News Posted 2012 Nov 3

British hospitals make millions from euthanasia. [Hospitals are paid by the government to heavily sedate terminal patients and withhold food and water until they are dead, which takes about 33 hours. The US, under Obama Care, is headed for the same destination.] New American Posted 2012 Nov 3

A video has surfaced that shows Western-backed Syrian rebels executing captured non-combatant government soldiers, which is considered a war crime. CBC Posted 2012 Nov 3

US: Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch, organized a citizen’s grand jury that indicted Obama and Biden for releasing national security information. [As expected, the government has failed to recognize this action, so we do not anticipate that Obama and Biden will be tried and convicted.] CitizensGrandJury Posted 2012 Nov 3

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