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Value that money can’t buy

By signing up for a TIC membership, you will obtain the key to unlock exclusive membership benefits that are designed to facilitate your journey towards Total Success.

Enjoy access to an exclusive suite of wealth accumulation, wealth protection and wellness solutions, as well as a large pool of success resources. You will also enjoy exclusive price promotions with merchants and priority arrangements with service providers. At the same time, you will receive first-hand updates on the latest resources, events and promotions. To help further your goals, special rates for courses, events, seminars and sign-ups under TIC’s panel of education providers are also available.

As a TIC member, you can:

  • Enjoy the finer things in life and the lifestyle that you truly covet
  • Unleash your hidden potential to experience ever-increasing success
  • Maximize your wealth quotient and income potential the smarter and faster way
  • Set yourself on the highway to financial freedom and success
  • Be informed of the best sectors to invest in, the ones to avoid and which hot markets to place your hard-earned money in
  • Find out where to deploy your capital to make potential returns of 100%, 200% or better on your investments
  • Tap on the inside strategies of wealth accumulation and protection utilized by the ultra-rich
  • Learn the success techniques that has helped thousands of others achieve their goals
  • Learn how to eliminate the biggest tax burdens on your wealth
  • Prevent and reverse the development of critical diseases like Cancer, Diabetes and Heart disease.
  • Attain the secrets to wellness and longevity and experience their beneficial effects on your energy, mood and mental acuity
  • Enjoy greater happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment in your life and relationships
  • Access our insider business network for possible business collaboration, project funding, venture capital funding and strategic positioning

Membership Features

Membership Benefits


Monthly The Casey Report, The International Speculator and Big Gold Financial Newsletter by Doug Casey & Research Team
“The Creature From Jekyll Island” & “World Without Cancer” Autographed Books by G. Edward Griffin
Periodic Success & Wellness Digest by Dr Sundardas Annamalay containing practical information to enjoy Success and Wellness
Exclusive deals and kickbacks to Success Seminars by Dr Sundardas Annamalay
Exclusive rates for services and accelerated appointments at Wellness Clinic
Guaranteed direct consultation with Dr Sundardas Annamalay for wellness consultation
30 min complimentary personal wealth management consultation at Raffles
Privileges and benefits at featured Lifestyle Merchants and Service Providers
Login Access to Members Area
Access to Q&A forum with expert panel
Membership card and business cards
  USD$1,028 per annum (with referral)
USD$1,378 per annum (without referral)

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